22 de setembro de 2013

Single-sex education: What does Research Tell us?

Leia aqui o artigo de Emer Smith publicado na Revue Française de Pédagogie em 2010.

"Recent years have seen a rebirth of single-sex schooling, either in the form of single-sex classes within otherwise coeducational schools or in separate single-sex schools, in a number of countries including the US, Britain and Australia."

"In 2006, the Department of Education confirmed the legality of single-sex classes in the US, and, since then, there has been a proliferation of single-sex provision. In 2008, 442 public schools in the US offered single-sex education, mostly through single-sex classes within coeducational schools, and this figure grew to over 500 in 2009."

"In Britain, the Raising Boys’ Achievement initiative was introduced in 2000 to combat male underachievement: one of the measures introduced was the use of single-sex classrooms."

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